May 19, 2020

Landspreading Effluents / Liquid Waste

Hudson White Services Ltd operates a mobile plant permit with numerous deployments in various areas of the country such as Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire, allowing us to spread effluents on farm land.

We find this method of recycling effluent not only beneficial to the land we spread or inject on but also one of the most cost effective ways of disposal for liquid waste and effluents.

We offer a one stop shop for this service:

  • We will analyse your effluent to see if its fit for land spreading.
  • Find suitable land that the effluent would benefit its development for arable use or pasture by using our team of experienced agronomists, who will check the soils and pin point how beneficial a certain effluent would be to growth of crop/grass.
  • We then document these findings and apply for a deployment under our mobile plant permit.
  • Await a decision from the Environment Agency, when received the deployment is valid for 12 months and a set amount of tonnage.
  • At this point we can collect your effluents from site using our vacuum tankers and deliver them to the field site.
  • Our landspreading team will then check the effluent by using the documents/tablet to ensure there are no changes to the liquid waste to what has been specified on the deployment agreed by the EA.
  • the effluent is then spread at a rate calculated by the agronomist for maximum benefit to the land.
  • Thanks to our tablet system used through out the company we can pull reports and monitor the tonnages spread per field and report back to the EA and our customers with these figures.

If you have any questions or would like us to come and see if we could spread your effluent / liquid waste on land or even if you want to discuss having effluents spread onto your own land then please get in touch, or call on 01476862156.