Big Change For Hudson White Services!


Some of our regular customers may have noticed that we don’t have any paper tickets no more here is why!!

As a waste management company we need to make sure we are in the forefront of positive environmental changes and going paperless, may not seem a huge environmental impact, but when your processing 30+ jobs a day, each one of them has at least one ticket, that then has to be invoiced, enveloped up and posted out, then from that a statement could be generated which also would need enveloping up and posting out, that over a year equates to a lot of paper!

Big Change also lets the drivers and operatives complete their daily defect checks using the new paperless system, this also contributes to the saving of paper and allows the company instant access to any issues. It also allows us to process the associated administration that comes with the jobs from start to finish instantly as soon as the work is completed.

The system also gives us some unique selling points these include amazing features like allowing the customer to retrieve their own waste transfer documents, book jobs online and even track the vehicles while they are on their way to them!

Another positive factor to note on the Big Change system which was an important factor in the choice of signing up, is the system is continuously developing, improving and changing.

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